Our bodies are constantly communicating with us, but are we listening or understanding?

I believe our bodies tell what they want and need to heal themselves and create energy, vitality and well-being. When our bodies are truly nourished and happy, we can tell, just like we can tell when health and vitality are lacking. Together we can create a plan to support your journey to health through personalized recommendations.

Kick Start Your Health
One Time session

  • In Depth Health Assessment
  • Body System Evaluation
  • Identification of Nutritional Imbalances
  • Nutrient/Supplement Customization
  • Powerful Solutions to Change Your Health Quickly
  • 10% discount on most nutritional supplements
Balance Your Health
3 Month Support
Everything from #1

  • 2 sessions per month
  • Personalized Strategies That Work and Get Results
  • Plus: Complete Body System Evaluation
  • Comprehensive Nutritional Analysis
  • Food Journal Evaluation, if wanted
  • 1x week email/phone check-in during the off-week
  • Personalized Meal and Supplement Plan
  • Easy to Implement Solutions, For Home, Office, Travel
  • Book: Eat Naked
  • 10% discount on most nutritional supplements
Super Charge Your Health
6 Month Support – Best value
Everything from #2

  • Plus: an Additional Nutritional Analysis (Nutri Q)
  • Pantry Evaluation
  • Review and Adjustment of Supplement Plan
  • Easy to Implement Solutions, For Home, Office, Travel
  • Solutions for the Whole Family
  • 10% discount on most nutritional supplements

As my client you can expect to:

  • Be counseled and supported as an individual, always considering your unique biodiversity
  • Be supported through in-depth education and knowledge-sharing
  • Receive nutritional recommendations based on your goals, needs, limits and abilities
  • Identify imbalances and receive customized plans to achieve your goals through whole foods and supplements, if necessary
  • Learn how to incorporate nutrient-dense foods into your daily diet and to make it fun

What’s more, you can expect to feel an increased sense of energy, vitality and well-being. You can transform your relationship with food so it is healthy, fun and tasty, balanced, and optimally nourishing. You can discover the right diet and lifestyle to suit you, and you absolutely will feel a deep sense of healing through it all.

Core Nutrition Beliefs:

1. Eat mostly local, seasonal, organic, fresh foods

2. Eat meat that is humanely raised, grass-fed, pasture raised, organic

3. Eat whole, unrefined, unprocessed, unpackaged foods

4.  Eat foods that are properly prepared to enhance their nutritional content and digestibility

5. Make your own foods at home, it’s fun and creative and you are in control

6. Diets should never be about deprivation but always about nourishment and balance

I am here for you!

I can support you in a variety of ways. I’m dedicated to supporting you not only in learning and health, but also in managing your time in healthier ways. I offer individual consultations for adults and children, as well as educational classes and regular newsletters. I will supply you with plenty of recipes and ideas to get you off to a great start.


While I firmly believe nutritional therapy and the knowledge and awareness you gain will make tremendous differences in your health and your life, I must add that none of our work together is intended to be taken as medical advice. In fact, if you have a medical condition, you should consult with your healthcare provider to alert her/him about our work together and the possible use of nutritional supplements. I need to be aware of any medications you are taking so we can discuss potential side effects or interactions. The most important thing is that we communicate – what’s working for you, what isn’t, where do you need me support from me, etc. Open communication will be the best way towards creating the best course of action for you.