Nicolett Miller

NTP, CGP , Eating Psychology Teacher, CHFS

nicolett katz nutrition therapy

Recipe for Success


  • an upbringing in Germany
  • a passion for health
  • an ongoing quest for knowledge
  • a desire to reconnect to lost wisdom and tradition
  • a commitment to looking deeper and challenging mainstream advice

Take an ongoing quest for good health and nutrition. Sprinkle in a growing family, then stir well with a desire to rely on nutrient-dense foods. Steep all ingredients in age-old wisdom and nutritional education and…Voila!

Nutrition and health have been my passion for most of my adult life, but my interest in food and health started as a child, growing up in Germany. Our diet was rich in nutrient-dense and cultured foods, and I not only loved the flavors, I was fascinated by the process of making these foods.

It was only natural I would pursue formal training in the natural health field. I’ve studied nursing, massage, energy work, labor support, healing foods and nutrition. My studies have led beyond learning to a deep understanding of nutrition and the unique circumstances influencing our health and our lives, including food choices.

I’ve always believed knowledge is meant to be shared, and so in my practice, I strive to support and guide my clients in creating balance in their lives, eating for true nourishment, and reconnecting with the wisdom of our ancestors while respecting each person’s bio-individuality.

I received my CHFS training through Immunitrition, and I studied nutrition through the Nutritional Therapy Association.

Nicolett Katz is a member of the Nutritional Therapy Association

and the Weston A. Price Foundation